explorations in consciousness

Truth's originality

What is truth? This has been a classic question thru-out the ages. From where does truth originate? Just to meditate on these and other penetrating quest-ions is enough to open the portals of insight. In light of theontology...we would assume that the existence of truth must originate and have its source in Truth itself, which in this case...can only be the essence or Spirit of Truth(Reality) which is 'God'. Our very sense and inner draw towards truth, which is sourced and sustained in BEING intrinsic. Truth can be found nowhere but in original Being...the primal and eternal Reality (That Which IS). There is nowhere else to go to discover truth. Truth IS. Another title for the Holy Spirit is the Spirit of truth. You have now been given a spiritual key to answer the quest-ion, "What is truth?". In the gospel of John...Pontius Pilate asked Jesus, "What is truth?" which Jesus made no reply. An apocryphal gospel records Jesus answering ..."Truth is from heaven". On an ontological level...we perceive truth as coming from 'heaven', the highest realm of pure BEING. We could also perceive truth as being something realized in the inner-most depths, for from this well...we draw from the depths of Being...which is the Source, substance and ground of existence. We abide in, honor and uphold the primacy of truth...when we allow the Spirit to inspire, lead and guide. It had dawned on me that 'Truth is its own witness'. In other words,...Truth knows itself to be true by virtue of its own being. Truth's testimony is self-authenticating. Truth prevails and is Supreme.

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