explorations in consciousness

Intro. to Theo-physics

Over a period of sometime...I have engaged with many over the traditional orthodox concept of the Trinity: Father, Son and Holy Spirit...and the dynamics involved in such a concept of God or the Godhead. My current view sees the Trinity being primarily a 'conceptual' model of God...more than an absolute truth of divine constitution. I hold first and foremost to Deity being essentially ONE - this Deity is All, Single, Alone, Entire, Replete, Undivided, a Unity of Being, a divine Whole - this One-ness being primal and eternal. God is One. There is only One Deity Being. This is first, foremost and foundational. The metaphysics of the Trinity concept have their own unique making God a composition of 3 distinct persons...while at the same time being one God. The orthodox strove to reconcile these 'persons' who represent a plurality while keeping true to monotheism - the explanations they offer can only be metaphysically understood and some propose such as an eternal 'mystery'. Each person is unique and distinct yet at the same time being of one essence, co-equal, co-eternal. Some of the creeds go further to explain the relationships between the divine persons. I see the 'persons' as functional 'aspects' of Deity ministration who may possess personal and impersonal qualities/traits respective to their ministries and relationships to Man. Holding to the Unity of divine BEING...who is one Singularity...I would probably be considered a non-trinitarian more or less, although I find the trinitarian concept quite feasible and useful in some applications. Therefore I do not necessarily belittle or discredit a trinitization of God (as do some) as such models serve in their respective dimensions. Essentially my view is more Unitarian. There is only one God and Father of all, even the God and Father of Jesus. God remains forever ONE.


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