explorations in consciousness

The joy of unknowing

I am glad I do not know everything. It keeps the holy awe of God in my heart and the creative urge to investigate, alive. - 5/96

ontology before ritual

Holiness is not so much a way of conduct as it is a way of being. - 5/17/96

ecstasy of being

That inherent worth which is sealed in every atom of existence and further imparted into the being of Man, is the very cause and celebration of joy.

abiding now

The present is all we have, therefore right now is the only time where the timeless is.


A truly pure heart affords one true spiritual vision. - 8/1/97

wonder of being

Pure love is sheer radiance in the light of ones special existence. In the revelation of the specialness is the holiness. - 5/97

essential devotion

Ritual and other ceremonial work are necessary only so long as one does not aquire a true love for God, that is, so long as tears of ecstasy do not flow and the hairs of the body do not stand on end at the mere mention of his name. - Ramakrishna

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