explorations in consciousness

Radiance of Being

In the heart of Light, we behold the divine Love. The Father of lights sheds abroad the love of God in our the Holy Spirit. If we would only allow the light in...and the flame of holy love...the Spirit would inspire all consuming fire. "Make us flames of thy holy Love, O beneficent Father". "Bathe us in the nurturing countenance of thy brightness, O divine Mother." In the radiance and worship of the Eternal One...we realize the dimensions of ministry in all forms...from the Radiant One.

The indwelling

Since the coming of the Christ and his ascension...the Spirit of God has been given to be pourred out and received by all who will receive the gift. Our bodies are now the temples of the Holy Spirit. Our being is the tabernacle of His Being. We are offered the gift of the indwelling Presence. Some may assume that Man always had this spirit within...but when Christ was raised from the grave...and ascended to the heavens...a special release of the Holy Spirit came upon the earth...ready to be received by those awaiting the promise. Those waiting to be baptized(immersed)in divine Presence....can have this spiritual baptism now...and receive the gift from on high. "O Lord of glory, risen Christ triumphant,...immerse us in thy Spirit and fire...purify and refresh this temple for thy indwelling".

The Consecration

The essential of consecration in divine ministry cannot be underestimated. We see a prototype of this in the setting apart of Aaron and his sons unto the service of the Tabernacle (Ex. 28) - the priest is 'set apart' for a special service. There is a cleansing, anointing and clothing in this ceremony of consecration. The cleansing prepares, the anointing appoints and empowers, and the clothing adorns and signifies the glory and beauty of the priesthood calling. In order for the Temple to function according to its divine purpose...the priesthood is essential in its administration...for the priests serve as ministers of God and the people - theirs is the holy work of mediation. Even if on earth these priestly functions cease for periods of time...the spiritual principles and designations in the orderings of the priesthood and service of the Temple remain as a guide for those who would seek to enter into the consecrated life of service and devotion. In order for one to be wholly committed to a kind of ministry...they must be set apart unto such a work. In the ministry of divine mediation this is all the more crucial to the efficacy and glory of the calling. The cleansings, anointings and clothing with the holy garments are essential for each chapter of service. The garments are for glory and beauty - they signify honor. It is a holy calling. "No one takes this honor upon himself, except he who is called as was Aaron". This priestly anointing is of divine ordination. To the tribe of Levi...YHWH says to Moses concerning the sons of Aaron...."You shall anoint them, as you anointed their father, that they may minister to Me as priests; for their anointing shall surely be an everlasting priesthood throughout their generations." (Ex. 40:15). The time is now....for the called ones to consecrate themselves for the anointing of the priesthood...that they may serve in the beauty, glory and honor of the Heavenly King. As long as the priesthood honors their calling and anointing...the way into the Holy of holies in the Sanctuary to the Shekinah is open.

Entering the Holy

When Moses ascended the holy mount and encountered the divine presence in the burning called to him by name...and he answered, "here I am". Then the Voice said, "Do not draw near this place. Take your sandals off your feet, for the place where you stand is holy ground." When Moses came into the presence of the Holy One...herein manifesting as the Angel of the Lord in the midst of the fire...he was 'in the Presence'. The sandals that bore him upon earthly ground could not avail here. They represented mans devices/inventions - they could not enter into the realm of the Moses had to set them aside. Only the pure original created form or being of Moses could touch the holy ground and be ushered into the presence of the Lord. We cannot take the sandals of the world which represent the creations of man into the Sanctuary...but only our souls to be washed, anointed and clothed according to the Heavenly Way. The processional from the outer courts, to the inner court, to the Holy an inward as well as upward ascent...illustrated in the pattern of the Tabernacle...and in this case the ascent of Moses upon the Mount of God(Horeb). It was there upon the Mount that God appeared...and Moses shed his sandals...that he might walk naked upon holy ground...into the Presence. The way of prayer, consecration, devotion and worship...leads the soul to pilgrimage up the holy mount...there to enter into the Holy - a realm where the ground, the very substance that sustains ones a Holy Spirit dimension. There...the Voice may be heard...because of the divine nearness. As we ascend the holy mount and proceed as priests into the Sacred Plane....may we cast our sandals aside that we may enter in...and attain the heavenly oracle.


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