explorations in consciousness


Greetings fellow truth seeker,........let us begin our journey into Theos(God) and the study of Existence/Being(ontology) as both relate to one another in the science of 'divine knowing' which we call 'theontology'. An investigation into this science is of essential vitality to our sense and perception of Being Itself, the very core essence of Existence as we know it. Our journey into this knowing may cover many dimensions - as many as there are levels of perception in the infinite Field of Consciousness. First, we are conscious of divine being. Second, we are conscious of our own being. It is in this essential awareness that we recognize or intuit that our own being inheres within a greater Space of Being. This consciousness is the nucleus from which spiritual and psychic perceptions spring and express themselves upon the canvas of our vision. From these wells of Soul and Spirit...deep calls unto deep.

These inner generations are alive and potent with all wonder and possibility as the spirit of Man is engaged within Universal Spirit. Therefore, within this awareness...we establish the essence and familiarity of  our own spirit within the great Spirit, there being only One Spirit. This ontological sense and virtue of its own existence...establishes itself as a real living-ness...a substancial reality. We shall call and denote this great Being as 'God'. The glory, beauty, wonder, infinity, magnificence of this BEING is all pervading, immanent and transcendent. As we meditate upon the holy name revealed to Moses in the scripture,...we see this name essentially means 'I AM' and/or 'I WILL BE' - this name denotes the Supreme ONE...who is eternally and be-coming all that He wills thru-out eternity. Our very existence has its substance in the very Being of the Eternal ONE.

 Attend to the sacred altar of the Heart. This ONE who is eternal BEING. This is the One I AM. The One Eternal Self-IDentity of 'conscious being'. This science of Theos is the first and foremost principle of Existence realized as Original Reality, that which is behind all visible form, the Source and substrate of all. This is just the beginning in your adventure and quest in theontology (the study of the Being of God, divine Existence - from this enters into the Heart of the One Divinity, which is Love, Light, Truth, Spirit, Will, Intelligence, Wisdom, Understanding.) 'God' is a Unity of BEING. "Hear O Israel, the Lord our God is One Lord". "For He is the Lord, and His name is One". So we refer to Deity as 'One' He is the First and the Last - all creations proceed from the One and return to the One, for there is no other, but the One. He is the ONE and ONLY Being being.

This is just a sampling to introduce you to the essence of theontology. You have permission to en-joy the discovery and wonder of your own being in the divine. You are Be-ing and Be-coming, the One and the many, Rest and motion, Soul and spirit (its individual expression as 'living soul'). When you surrender fully to Reality (True Existence, that which IS)...then there is only that as preeminent. Only this Oneness exists. There is Only This.

The two aspects of Consciousness; Be-ing and Be-coming

Both facets of existential Life/Intelligence reflect 'static' and 'kinetic' qualities. They are essentially represented as the 'I AM'(static) and 'I Will Be'(kinetic) phases of consciousness. 'I AM' reflects the quintessence of Be-ing. 'I Will Be' represents the generational, intentional, creative aspect of Be-ing in action. 'I AM' = Be-ing ; 'I Will Be' = Be-coming. Because these phases of Mind(meaning not only 'mental' but all organs of cognition) exist primordially in the higher spheres of well as the lower individuated units of Mans own be-ing...both phases portray consciousness at existential and functional levels - each operating within their own parameters.

Since all that exists has its being in the greater Being that is 'God'...and 'God' who is the Source of being exists in all beings...these components or phases of consciousness by virtue of divine constitution abide in Man...whose nature is after the image and likeness of The Original. We are ever engaged with the creative elements of mind in the infinite field of Light. From this soul-center of ever abiding consciousness...we are endowed and gifted with co-creative powers to be and be-come all that divine Will desires and the heart inspired by divine will. The cycles of rest and motion go on indefinitely.

Origin of being and the 'sign' of the living One in us

Jesus said, "If they say to you, 'Where did you come from?', say to them, 'We came from the light, the place where the light came into being on its own accord and established itself and became manifest through their image. 'If they say to you, 'Is it you?', say, 'We are its children, and we are the elect of the Living Father.' If they ask you, 'What is the sign of your Father in you?', say to them, 'It is movement and repose'(motion and rest)." -logion 50, Gospel of Thomas

Be and be-come all that you can and forever

You are now awakened in consciousness to begin afresh your meta-venture into the greater Being from which you sprang and have your very existence. A meta-venture is an ad-venture into the vast Space that is before, behind and beyond all phases of change, development and transformation. We combine 'meta' with 'venture' to represent the quest of the soul to explore its domain. We must begin with Being, our Original Sphere...the root and ground of our God-self. This Being is Holy. Since this higher Reality is Holy...this love which is the core essence of our being is holy love. 'Holy' in this sense means it is a unique, distinct and loving affection; like no other. This is what makes it 'holy'. God reserves a love for each one(individual personality) that He shares with no other.
Therefore, the 'I AM' calls you into His sacred Heart. Drawing from the source and substance we empower our divine purpose and joy. 'God' is both 'Father' and 'Mother' (Abba/Amma). We honor our divine parents in creation. We marry the masculine and feminine aspects of the One Spirit in the synergy of Love.


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